Terms of Service

SolarZone Solar Referral Program Terms and Conditions

This Affiliate Service Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made by Balkrishna LLC, SolarZone Solar (“SolarZone”, We”, or “Company”) and you, as an Affiliate individual or group. (“Affiliate”, “Member,” “Referrer,” “Participant” “you”, or “your”)

You must agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement in order to participate in SolarZone’s Referral Program (“Referral Program”). Please read this Agreement carefully before creating an affiliate account. By creating your SolarZone Solar affiliate account, you indicate your acceptance of this Agreement and its terms and conditions. SolarZone reserves the right to modify these Program Terms and Conditions at any time, at its sole discretion, and without notice to you. Participation in the Referral Program is considered acceptance of this Agreement and its terms and conditions (“Terms & Conditions”) and any modifications which might be made. SolarZone may also, in its sole discretion, change, cancel, suspend, or modify any aspect of the Referral Program without notice. SolarZone also reserves the right to disqualify any Participants, customers or prospective customers at any time from participation in the Referral Program.

The following terms shall also apply to your participation in the Referral Program.

  1. Users cannot earn Referral Rewards for referring themselves.
  2. Users cannot earn Referral Rewards for referring to anyone who lives at the same household address as themselves.
  3. Referral Rewards may be taxable, depending on the value of the item and the federal, state, and local tax laws applicable to the Participant. SolarZone does not offer tax advice and Participants should consult with their tax professional for any questions. Participants are solely responsible for reporting such items on their tax returns and paying any associated tax liability.
  4. Duplicate referrals will be handled as follows: The first person that submits the referral, based on the timestamp in our database, gets credit for the sale and receives the referral. This also applies to referrals that are already logged in our system or are customers of SolarZone. Each referral must be generated outside the efforts of SolarZone.
  5. Affiliates are only paid on qualified appointments (“Qualified Referrals”) for solar or roofing. A referral will be qualified after it is evaluated as a good solar (meaning homeowner with a utility bill) or roof candidate and has a free in-home consultation with us.
  6. All SolarZone promotions run for a limited time only and are subject to change at SolarZone’s discretion.
  7. Qualified Referrals submitted are considered valid for 6 months.
  8. Failure to abide by these rules could mean termination from the Affiliate Program and complete forfeiture Referral Rewards and you will not be allowed to re-join the SolarZone Solar Referral Program.
  9. SolarZone reserves the right to limit or restrict participation in the Reward Program to any person at any time for any reason.
  10. The eligibility of an Affiliate shall be determined by SolarZone in its sole discretion.

Referral Rewards

  1. You will earn a $1000 Referral Reward for each referral, provided by you, that results in the sale of a solar electric system (residential or commercial).
  2. You will earn a $500 Referral Reward for each referral, provided by you, that results in the sale of a full roof replacement.
  3. Affiliates will be paid a $35 Referral Reward for each Qualified Referral submitted through the Referral Program.
  4. Referral Rewards for Qualified Referrals are paid within 30 days of the in-person appointment.
  5. Referral Rewards for sold solar systems and full roof replacements are paid after installation and we receive full payment from the customer.
  6. Void where any aspect of the Referral Reward is prohibited, taxed or otherwise restricted by law or where registration, bonding, local judging or translation is required.
  7. The Referral Reward is subject to all national, state and local laws including applicable tax codes. No substitution or transfer of any of the Referral Rewards by Affiliate is permitted.
  8. SolarZone reserves the right to change the Referral Rewards from time to time.
  9. SolarZone may, from time to time, offer a different Referral Reward to Affiliates that differs from the Referral Rewards detailed above.


In connection with your participation in the Referral Program, you expressly agree to the restrictions listed below. When distributing, promoting or communicating your Referral Link(s) & Code(s) you agree that:

  1. No Spamming.You agree that you will not “spam” anyone with invitations to join the SolarZone community, and that you at all times will remain compliant with CAN-SPAM, the TCPA, and other applicable laws. The following specific activities are prohibited:
    1. Mass emailing, texting or messaging people you do not personally know;
    2. Use of automated systems or bots through any channel to distribute, post or respond to your Referral Link or Code;
  • Use of scripts, programmed or automatic dialers to send invites or to communicate codes;
  1. No MisrepresentationsYou agree that you will not attempt to mislead anyone in connection with the Referral Program, either by affirmative representation, implication, or omission. In particular, you agree that you will not:
    1. Impersonate any person or entity
    2. Create fake accounts, blogs, webpage’s, profiles, websites, links or messages
  • Misrepresent your relationship with SolarZone or any other third party (Don’t create content or communications that could have the effect of leading a consumer to believe that it is an official communication from SolarZone.)
  1. Suggest that an affiliation or partnership exists with a third party where none exists
  2. Make misrepresentations with respect to the characteristics or qualification requirements for any Referral Rewards. You acknowledge that SolarZone may change the characteristics or qualification requirements for Qualified Referrals or Referral Rewards in its discretion, and therefore you shall not represent any fixed characteristics (e.g., amount of SolarZone credit, expiration date).
  1. Prohibited content.You agree that you will not use the SolarZone brand in connection with:
    1. Disparaging or defamatory content concerning SolarZone or third parties;
    2. Content which promotes racism, bigotry, hatred, discrimination or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual
  • Offensive, abusive, intimidating or harassing content
  1. Content that is sexually explicit, obscene, and/or contains nudity
  2. Any political and/or religious statement
  3. Content containing images or reference to drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, or firearms
  • Content that violates someone else’s privacy
  1. Other restrictions.You also agree that you will not:
    1. Specify the monetary amount of the Code unless authorized by SolarZone in writing;
    2. Create websites, domains, URLs, social media handles or email addresses containing the word “SolarZone”;
  • Use the names or marks of SolarZone competitors
  1. Use someone else’s brand name or intellectual property without their written consent
  2. Engage in phishing or attempting to obtain financial or other personal information
  3. Solicit passwords or personally identifiable information
  • Create printed materials other than those authorized by SolarZone
  • Post printed materials on public or private property without the express written consent of SolarZone and the persons owning, controlling, managing or otherwise with the authority to allow posting of printed materials at that location
  1. Engage in fraudulent activity. You agree that you and your referrals will not defraud or abuse (or attempt to defraud or abuse) SolarZone, the terms of the SolarZone Referral Program, or any invited users.

If you violate any of these restrictions, SolarZone may, in its sole discretion, remove your eligibility to participate in the Referral Program and/or deny you any Referral Rewards.

Email Contact

SolarZone reserves the right to send emails to you for the purposes of informing you of applicable changes or additions to the Referral Program.

Changes to the Program

SolarZone reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of this Agreement or its Terms and Conditions at any time and may add to, change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Referral Program at any time. In the event of any material change, SolarZone will notify you via email, phone, newsletter, or the SolarZone website, and your continued use of or participation in the Referral Program will serve as your consent and acceptance of any such changes.

Privacy Policy

SolarZone Solar respects the privacy of its users and will not disclose personal information to third parties without your express written consent. SolarZone may share anonymized and/or aggregated information regarding Affiliates, their use of the Referral Program, and their acceptance and use of Referral Rewards. If you have any questions please contact kanu@solarzone.solar