The heat in Texas can be quite merciless in the summer months, so why not use it to your advantage?

Many homes in the US have turned towards generating energy using solar power, because keeping your home cool and comfortable costs a lot of energy and can be quite expensive. We at Solar Zone are devoted to helping families across Texas in converting their electrical energy resources to the renewable and cost-effective energy that can be obtained by the installation of solar panels.


Advantages of Getting Solar Panels at Home

Solar power is a renewable energy that can be obtained from the sun and is available to everyone. Due to the advancements in technology; we can utilize available free energy and effortlessly convert it into electricity and make use of its benefits, which are:

Eliminate Your the Energy Bill

When you generate your own energy from solar panels, it means that you will require less amount of electricity from the supplier. Therefore, you automatically save on your electricity bill by consuming less and less.

Another way to make your solar investments count is by selling the extra unused electricity that you are producing, making your green investments more beneficial. In the end, the more energy you'll produce using the solar panel, the lesser you'll need from the supplier, ultimately increasing your self-reliant energy production!

Greater the Sunshine, Greater the Solar Energy

Solar energy is available free everywhere. Solar power doesn’t require any fuel or ongoing maintenance. Once solar panels are installed, solar panels keep generating power from the sunlight and delivers to our home first and remaining export to grid which provides the credit to the electric bill. 

The solar panels come with a warranty of 25 years but have a life expectancy of more than 40 years.

Eco-Friendly System

When it comes to using fossil fuels and other minerals for energy, they are burned to obtain the energy. A solar system requires no mining of raw material; therefore it does not result in the demolition of any forests or eco-systems that happens in fossil fuel burning. Solar Panels are considered as Eco-Friendly Renewable Energy Solution. 


Micro Grid Solution. 

Microgrid system -Solar Power plus storage and cogeneration to have behind the meter power outage free solution. At SolarZone, we provide customized solution based on needs of our clients. 



Why Solar Power is a Great Investment?

Everything’s Bigger in Texas

North Texas receives significantly more sunlight than the majority of the United States. Solar panels turn enough sunshine into electricity to power the residences to which they are connected. In fact, they produce excess energy that is supplied to the electric grid and used during power outages, storms, and late-night hours.

Free & Easy Financial Assistance

A significant federal solar tax credit is available to help cover the cost of solar panel installation, although it is diminishing each year. It will be drastically reduced by 2022, therefore now is an excellent opportunity to transition away from fossil fuels and adopt solar energy.

Your Home Value Improves

Not only do solar panels reduce your utility bills, but they also increase the value of your home. They are quite efficient for our environment because they do not produce any pollution. Your home value increases based on how many panel's are there and how much energy they’ll produce, which ultimately can become a great selling point from your home.

A Win-Win Situation

Not only is solar energy a clean source of energy that helps you in saving your finances, It also provides added advantages like Federal Income Tax Credits, Depreciation, utility rebates and incentives. Most importantly it is beneficial for the environment. Therefore, people call solar energy a win-win power because it’s good for the Earth as well as provides many benefits to your family. Hence, the reason why, many homes in Texas are switching from regular electricity consumption to solar energy, making this investment a very intelligent choice.

We always see the price of electricity rising year by year, which makes it evident that solar panels are an excellent investment.

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