Whether you want to lower the energy bills in your company or go green, seeing all the toxicity and pollution that’s harming the environment, let us help you save this Earth and upgrade your commercial property with Power Outage Free Renewable Energy Microgrid. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and go green with our finest quality Microgrid with Energy Management System.


You've Worked Hard to Build Your Company.

Now Let Us Work Hard for You!

With the fluctuating utility costs and rate structures, it is quite challenging to predict the operating budgets. Solar Zone will help you lock in predictable electrical costs for decades to come and gain a marketplace advantage with increased operating capital.

Our custom energy solutions can help zero out your electrical costs.

We start with a full assessment of your current energy usage. From there, we create a personalized energy plan that can incorporate solar, batteries, LED lighting, and other advanced energy technologies to create Microgrid behind the meter.

Manage Corporate Energy Cost and Reach Sustainability Goals

Solar Zone is making it easier than ever for small business owners to large-scale corporations across Texas to go solar. Whether it’s to cut energy costs, standardize future bills, take advantage of solar rebates, or become a sustainable green business with a reduced carbon footprint – the best time to get solar for your business is right now!

Rising energy costs are the reality of every organization. But what if you could take control of your energy costs? Leading organizations around the world have discovered that solar is a powerful way to reduce operational costs.

So, what are you waiting for? Let's collaborate together and turn your organization’s power supply to renewable energy microgrid.

Can You Get Solar Panels for Your Business?

Switching the power supply of your organization from the traditional electricity to solar energy is an excellent investment for you as it helps you reduce your operating expenses as well as protects you from the ever-increasing energy costs.

Let's look at all the reasons why solar power investment is a good decision and how it can help your company in the long run.

Environmentally Friendly

As the world is becoming more and more polluted due to the emission of all the greenhouse gases, people are moving towards renewable and green options that will save the Earth’s destruction.

Getting commercial solar panels helps you in marketing the go green energy and sends the positive message of your dedication towards sustainability to your clients. Going solar not only helps the environment but also increases your value and your company’s reputation among your clients, shareholders, and employees.

Improves Your Company Property’s Value

The commercial building and homes that use solar panels increase their property value and sell more quickly than homes and buildings that do not have them. According to several studies, the addition of solar panels in your homes and commercial buildings makes them more desirable due to their increasing popularity.

Reduces Energy Costs

With Solar Zone’s solar panels, you will be able to predict the unpredictable energy bills that keep rising. By commercially going solar, the fluctuating energy bills will dramatically reduce, and you will know what to expect every month.

This way, your electricity bills will decrease, your budgeting for every month will become more manageable, and you won't be worried about the ever-increasing rise in electricity prices.

Provide Great Return on Investments

When we say that solar panels are a great investment for your company’s future, we are assuring you that they will give you an excellent return on investments.

We also believe that not only do they pay themselves back, but their ROI also exceeds other investments when it comes to your business saving money over the years due to Federal Income tax credit, depreciation, rebates and other incentives. 

More affordable

As solar panels have become increasingly popular, their prices have also reduced exponentially. The manufacturing of solar panels has also become more efficient and less costly in the last decade, making them marketable globally. Therefore, the panels and their installation is quite affordable worldwide.

Highly Reliable

Solar panels sold commercially are highly reliable and robust. The construction of commercial buildings gives easy access to solar panels. They are also enclosed in a protective, strong, and tempered glass that is framed with non-corrosive aluminium that can withstand harsh conditions like hail, rain, sleet, snow, wind, and any other threat-inducing weather.

Low Maintenance

Our solar panels come with a warranty of 25 years. The solar panels are highly reliable and very easy to maintain. They are noiseless and virtually maintenance-free.

What Should You Know About Commercially Installed Solar Panels?

There are two types of commercially installed solar panels that you should know about:

Commercial Rooftop Solar Panels
  • The rooftop commercial solar systems have different mounting mechanisms, depending on the specific flat or metal roofs, the clamps wide differ from the solar panels that are traditionally installed in homes.
  • Our expert engineers will help you meet all the electricity and voltage requirements, and the panels possess rapid shutdown capabilities that are inherently dubbed safe in the states.
  • Most commercial buildings usually get their solar panels installed on the rooftops that are typically flat. Our professionals use their expertise in the geographic area and assemble the solar panels using the correct array pitch angle that ensures the optimal production of energy.
  • The solar systems used in the majority of the commercial projects typically use 72 cell panels which are quite larger than the traditionally used 60 cell modules in residential systems. These cells give out a higher output which ranges up to 350 Watt per panel.
Commercial Ground-Mounted Solar Panels
  • A great alternative used by commercial companies are the Ground-mounted solar panels that can be used by organizations that do not have suitable roof space in their building but have ample land available in their premises. This alternative system can also be used by companies that have difficulty in meeting their solar needs with the current size of their roofs.
  • Our engineers are experts when it comes to geographical knowledge; therefore, before the placement of panels, they choose the best location by testing the grounds for soil compaction and choose proper equipment that ensures that the panels don’t face any geological problem in the future.
  • In the Ground-mounted commercial panels, there are two types of mounts that help them in staying elevated. The standard mount is made of metal and driven into the ground that keeps them elevated and tilted at a chosen angle. However, companies sometimes use tracking systems that tilt them towards the sun as it moves from east to west.

Help You Assess

Are you unsure if you need a solar system in your organization or not? We can help you there, by assessing your commercial building.

  • Do you want to go green and save the environment?
  • We can assess your monthly energy bills and help you evaluate if putting up solar panels will help you reduce the cost.
  • We can also help you in deciding the potential locations for the solar panel placements

This way, you can determine the potential in solar systems and decide if your company’s commercial building is suitable for solar panels.

Premium Solar Installation and Services for Every Job

One of the significant causes of expenditure in industries are utility costs, and as businesses grow, more and more energy gets consumed in production, manufacturing, computing, and much more. This issue is rising perpetually due to the fact that commercial utility costs are constantly increasing day by day, and every year, businesses in the US spend more than $60 billion on energy. Therefore companies are turning towards solar power energy resources to help them reduce energy costs.

Solar Zone’s in-house design, construction, and service teams manage all aspects of our solar installations with professional engineering, procurement, and construction services. Our commercial solar panel installation process follows these steps:

Consultation with the Professionals

We at Solar Zone are committed to helping you in increasing your investments in our commercial solar panels; therefore, we begin the journey of your commercial solar system investment with a customized proposal for your company’s building and an on-site survey. Following that, we offer you a detailed report of your commercial layout, tax credits, costs, and potential savings benefits. This also includes the financing options, preferred solar panel designs, energy offsets, and performance estimates.

Selecting Your Preferred Design

At Solar Zone, all commercially installed solar panels are customized according to every building’s structure, requirements, budget, and limitations. We make them aesthetically pleasing, and you can select your preferred design. After that, we will plan the planting and mounting of each panel while meeting the location limits and zoning restrictions.

Budget Financing

We provide various budgeting options that meet your budget, which includes operating lease, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), cash purchase, and capital lease.. 26 % of installation costs of all solar energy get deducted directly with the solar tax credit when you pay your federal income taxes.

Paperwork and Permits

At Solar Zone, we care about you and know how frustrating paperwork and permits can be. Therefore, we handle all your permits and paperwork regarding the commercial solar panel installation, including net-metering applications, electrical permits, local building, rebate incentive documents, and all utility interconnection agreements.

Hence, sit back, relax and watch as your commercial building embraces the green logo and goes solar under Solar Zone’s watchful eye!

Installation Process

We know that you expect the best from us, and we exceed your expectations by providing you with the best professional team that is expert in solar installation. Without disrupting your schedule, our team of experts will install the panels and control all details of the installation process. We don’t only install the Solar panels but also the microgrid with generators and batteries.

Monitoring Our Panels

After the completion of the installation process, we also monitor our panels and their performance. At Solar Zone, customer service is our priority, and we are fully committed to providing you with the best there is; therefore, to ensure that our panels are performing well and achieving their ideal everyday output, we monitor them. If any issue is detected, we resolve it. Additionally, we provide the energy management system with a web-based application that allows you to monitor your savings in real-time.